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How to Have a Good Dress Sense

Ebben a blogban öltözködési tanácsokat olvashattok. A hozzájuk kapcsolódó szövegkiegészítős feladattípus több nyelvvizsgában és az érettségin is szerepel.
A feladatok Gyenge középhaladó szintnek felelnek meg és utánuk megtalálható a megoldókulcs.

1 Read the following (American English) text and fill in the gaps with the correct words. There are five extra words that you do not need.

will       older       has       starting       everyone       best       nobody       have       them
never       this       money       anything       or       some       front       every       get       pair       ever

How to Have a Good Dress Sense
A good dress sense can make you feel confident.
Not everyone is born with a good fashion sense, but everyone can learn how to dress in a way that's stylish, comfortable, and most importantly, suits your lifestyle and personality. Beyond this, it means feeling confident in your look.


Think of how you ideally want to dress if (1) ............... and body shape were not an issue. Decide what you want your clothes to say about you.
Picture a celebrity or model whose style you (2) ...............  always admired. Look through fashion and lifestyle magazines to get ideas.
Go to your wardrobe and pick out those items that you love, the ones that you always feel good wearing. Look at the favorite items you found in your own closet. Try (3) ............... on, stand in front of the mirror and think about what makes you feel good in them. Write down your notes.
Decide what you need to complete an outfit with the clothes that you love. For example, you have a great (4) ............... of black pants but no top to go with them. Make a list of the items you need to go with your favorite items. This (5) ............... be your initial shopping list.

Stand in (6) ............... of a mirror to determine your body type. Are you top heavy? Bottom heavy? Do you have curves or more of a straight body? Broad or narrow shoulders? (7) ............... is different, so knowing your body type is essential to a good sense of dress.
Study the right way to dress for your body type. You can find helpful tips in lifestyle and fashion magazines (8) ............... on lifestyle television. Record the tips that are relevant to your body.

Try on clothes. This sounds simple, but try on everything you think you might like. If you are just (9) ............... to find your sense of style, you might get new ideas from trying on outfits you never thought you would wear.
Look in the mirror or better yet bring a friend you trust. Your reflection itself might be subjective, however, so it is always good to (10) ............... an outsider's opinion, especially if it's from a friend whose own fashion sense you respect.
Don't buy (11) ............... unless you love it. If you don't love the clothes in the changing room, you will probably not love them when you get them home.

Have an outfit for (12) ............... occasion. Having a good dress sense means dressing appropriately for day-to-day life and special events. You should be prepared for the different situations of your lifestyle.
If your body changes, change your wardrobe. As you get (13) ..............., you should want to dress differently. If you have lost 10 pounds and are keeping it off, buy new jeans and rethink what you might be able to wear at this new size.
Know what you like and don't like. Maintaining a good dress sense means being confident in your wardrobe choices. If you have (14) ............... liked orange there's no reason you have to buy that orange dress just because it was featured in a magazine.

In the end, it's about feeling good through knowing what's (15) ............... for yourself.


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2 The text in Task 1 was written in American English. There are some differences in the British and American English usage of words. Put each of the following words into the correct group.

A) British English:

B) American English

favorite - favourite            subway - underground         
trousers - pants                 gas station - petrol station
wardrobe    - closet           chemist's - drugstore     
colourful - colorful             truck - lorry
fall - autumn                      taxi - cab
car park - parking lot         freeway - motorway




1. money    2. have    3. them    4. pair    5. will    6. front    7. everyone    8. or    9. starting    10. get
11. anything    12. every    13. older    14. never    15. best

British English: favourite, underground, trousers, petrol station, wardrobe, chemist's, colourful, lorry, autumn, taxi, car park, motorway
American English: favorite, subway, pants, gas station, closet, drugstore, colorful, truck, fall, cab, parking lot, freeway