8 Moviegoers to Avoid

Legújabb blogunk a mozi "fenegyerekeiről" szól, akiket legjobb elkerülni. A feladat Haladó szinttől ajánlott és a végén megtalálható a megoldás is.

Read the following texts and match them with the types of moviegoers. There are two extra headings you don't need.



1. The Movie Foodie            2. The Serial Telephone Answerer               3. The Joke Parrot                4. Mr. Big Head                 5. The Enforcer
6. Mr. Day Dreamer             7. The Comedian                                               8. The Plot Controller            9. The Snore-man          10. Mrs. Small Bladder

A    Did Adam Sandler just say something giggle-worthy? This type of moviegoers will repeat his words for all to hear, while chuckling.

B    This moviegoer never fails to drop at least 20 big ones of overpriced junk. They’re a loud breed. You can hear them as they chomp on artificial cheese drenched chips, struggle to unwrap plastic, or desperately slurp up the last drop of their 64 oz. cola.

C    He was blessed with a beautiful, introspective mind. Unfortunately, he avoids key plot points like they’re STDs. If you take him to the cinemaplex, expect to spend the majority of the film recapping action sequences that took place 30-seconds prior.

D   They truly believe that the characters on screen can hear them, and will never hesitate to offer life-saving advice to the protagonist.

E    The least self-aware of moviegoers will answer any call at anytime. Even worse, they won’t even try to keep their conversation short.

F    Some people make the mistake of going to the theater merely to become engrossed in cinematic bliss. But, the real show is often the teen two rows back with more jokes than a knock-knock book.

G    They will spend half the movie maneuvering to and from the bathroom. And for some incomprehensible reason, they’ll sit precisely in the center of the row, ensuring the need to awkwardly tuck your legs into your body every four minutes.

H    This person can be your best friend. But beware; if you get on their bad side, they will shush you into oblivion.

Adapted from punintended.com.



1. B          2. E          3. A          4. -          5. H          6. C          7. F          8. D          9. -          10. G