A Letter from Sydney

A Letter from Sydney

Itt a nyár, így mai blogunk az utazással kapcsolatos, egy kis nyelvtannal fűszerezve. Középhaladó szinttől ajánljuk. A végén megoldókulcs található.

Read the following letter written by Frances, a Youth Challenge volunteer in Costa Rica, about her adventures in Sydney. Choose from the possible answers to fill in the gaps.

I've never (1) feel / felt / fell / fallen more like a country girl than when I first (2) stepped / stepping / stopped / stept out of central station into sprawling Sydney.

Overwhelmed and sweating profusely in 36 degree heat and what felt like 100% humidity (3) were / haven't / wasn't / had the best start to my travels.
This place (4) is / is going to / has been / will be huge and constantly (5) is smelling / smells / smelled / smell like a Chinese restaurant, literally, it’s weird.

Met all the other youth challengers participants yesterday and managed (6) get / getting / to get / got one of them to pick me up from the Backpackers which was cool, I (7) am not looking / won't look / wasn't looking / wouldn't look forward to finding my way around Central again (BTW, am staying at Central YHA Backpackers, very big, i.e. 9 storeys very well kept, but not very social.) The other challengers (8) seem / are seeming / were seeming / seems nice, but to be honest I think most of them (9) are / would / are going / will be really shocked by Costa. I think I'll manage okay as it’s a very rural country and I (10) have spent / spent / had spent / am spending a lot of time in remote areas, it's the big cities that scare me (smart (11) amn't / aren't /don't / isn't I, planning to go to LA and New York after project). My backpack is like twice the size of the others as the majority of them (12) is / are / been / were students and thus heading straight back after project. I appear to be the only one doing extensive travels afterwards so have had to pack so much more. My backpack (13) weighs / ways / is weighing/ is waying like 20kg, is so bloody heavy.

Did some of the touristy stuff today as I caught up with a mate that (14) had / has / was / did moved back to NSW after a couple of years in Darwin. So that was really cool, I think I needed that familar face. Went on the monorail which apparently not even the locals go on. And for Sunrise fans I went and saw where that gets filmed every morning. Gotta say I was (15) impressing / impressed / impressive / impression by the Darling Harbour Bridge and all the old buildings in town, especially The Rocks is very cool. Very gothic.

I (16) am planning / am going to plan / will plan / plan to hit Taronga Zoo tomorrow but we'll see how we go as I've got washing to do and I need to repack all my gear for an early start Sunday morning.

BTW, if you ever get to Sydney (17) no / do / not / don't take the airport railway, paid $11 for 3 stops, total ripoff. So am catching the hostel shuttle on Sun.

Better go do some shopping otherwise its 2 minute noodles for dinner as I've eaten out too much as it is and slowly watching the bank balance (18) go / went / to go / gone down. Weird, I'm in Australia, but I (19) have had / am having / have / had Turkish my first night and Indian last night. There (20) are / was / is / were an incredible array of cultures here, but yet they all seem to blend into this eclectic mix of something that I dunno I can't explain it yet.

Take care all


Adapted from traveljournals.net, where you can find more travel stories and pictures.

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