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How to Have a Good Dress Sense

Ebben a blogban öltözködési tanácsokat olvashattok. A hozzájuk kapcsolódó szövegkiegészítős feladattípus több nyelvvizsgában és az érettségin is szerepel.
A feladatok Gyenge középhaladó szintnek felelnek meg és utánuk megtalálható a megoldókulcs.

1 Read the following (American English) text and fill in the gaps with the correct words. There are five extra words that you do not need.

will       older       has       starting       everyone       best       nobody       have       them
never       this       money       anything       or       some       front       every       get       pair       ever

How to Have a Good Dress Sense
A good dress sense can make you feel confident.
Not everyone is born with a good fashion sense, but everyone can learn how to dress in a way that's stylish, comfortable, and most importantly, suits your lifestyle and personality. Beyond this, it means feeling confident in your look.


Think of how you ideally want to dress if (1) ............... and body shape were not an issue. Decide what you want your clothes to say about you.
Picture a celebrity or model whose style you (2) ...............  always admired. Look through fashion and lifestyle magazines to get ideas.
Go to your wardrobe and pick out those items that you love, the ones that you always feel good wearing. Look at the favorite items you found in your own closet. Try (3) ............... on, stand in front of the mirror and think about what makes you feel good in them. Write down your notes.
Decide what you need to complete an outfit with the clothes that you love. For example, you have a great (4) ............... of black pants but no top to go with them. Make a list of the items you need to go with your favorite items. This (5) ............... be your initial shopping list.

Stand in (6) ............... of a mirror to determine your body type. Are you top heavy? Bottom heavy? Do you have curves or more of a straight body? Broad or narrow shoulders? (7) ............... is different, so knowing your body type is essential to a good sense of dress.
Study the right way to dress for your body type. You can find helpful tips in lifestyle and fashion magazines (8) ............... on lifestyle television. Record the tips that are relevant to your body.

Try on clothes. This sounds simple, but try on everything you think you might like. If you are just (9) ............... to find your sense of style, you might get new ideas from trying on outfits you never thought you would wear.
Look in the mirror or better yet bring a friend you trust. Your reflection itself might be subjective, however, so it is always good to (10) ............... an outsider's opinion, especially if it's from a friend whose own fashion sense you respect.
Don't buy (11) ............... unless you love it. If you don't love the clothes in the changing room, you will probably not love them when you get them home.

Have an outfit for (12) ............... occasion. Having a good dress sense means dressing appropriately for day-to-day life and special events. You should be prepared for the different situations of your lifestyle.
If your body changes, change your wardrobe. As you get (13) ..............., you should want to dress differently. If you have lost 10 pounds and are keeping it off, buy new jeans and rethink what you might be able to wear at this new size.
Know what you like and don't like. Maintaining a good dress sense means being confident in your wardrobe choices. If you have (14) ............... liked orange there's no reason you have to buy that orange dress just because it was featured in a magazine.

In the end, it's about feeling good through knowing what's (15) ............... for yourself.


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2 The text in Task 1 was written in American English. There are some differences in the British and American English usage of words. Put each of the following words into the correct group.

A) British English:

B) American English

favorite - favourite            subway - underground         
trousers - pants                 gas station - petrol station
wardrobe    - closet           chemist's - drugstore     
colourful - colorful             truck - lorry
fall - autumn                      taxi - cab
car park - parking lot         freeway - motorway




1. money    2. have    3. them    4. pair    5. will    6. front    7. everyone    8. or    9. starting    10. get
11. anything    12. every    13. older    14. never    15. best

British English: favourite, underground, trousers, petrol station, wardrobe, chemist's, colourful, lorry, autumn, taxi, car park, motorway
American English: favorite, subway, pants, gas station, closet, drugstore, colorful, truck, fall, cab, parking lot, freeway

The Cost of Living

Mai blogbejegyzésünkben egy rádióműsorba hallgathatsz bele, melyben a mindennapi élet költségeiről beszélgetnek.
A feladat Középhaladó szintnek felel meg és a végén megtalálható a megoldókulcs.

1. Listen to the radio programme and answer the questions.

1 What do they exactly mean by ’the cost of living’?

2 How does Jackie keep track of her expenses each month?

3 What about Callum’s routine?

4 What is the question of the week?

5 What possible answers do they give to that question?

6 What kind of people took part in the survey mentioned?

7 What was the purpose of that survey?

8 The hosts are giving some examples of the things which appeared in the survey. What are these?

9 Did people regard the things in Question 8 as necessary to everyday life?

2. You could hear the following expressions in the listening. Put them into the correct places.


a) Meeting friends at weekends is ……………………… as important by most people.
b) Unfortunately, this summer we can’t ……………………… to travel abroad.
c) It is not ……………………… for me to smoke in a restaurant.
d) The flat screen TV was well over our ………………………, so we decided not to buy it.
e) Some people have to work really hard to reach a good ……………………… .
f) He was thinking ………………………, but he couldn’t remember the name of the hotel.
g) Since we spent most of our money on the accommodation, we needed to book a ……………………… flight.
h) Although she works hard, her salary hardly covers her monthly ……………………… .
i) A recent ……………………… showed that most people didn’t like soap operas any more.
j) Water is ……………………… to life.


1 Our everyday expenditure. / What it costs us to live our day-to-day lives. (2 points)

2 She doesn’t know how much it is for her. / She doesn’t know how much money she spends
each month. (1 point)

3 He is well organised, he puts his salary into a bank account and he counts his monthly
expenses. (2 points)

4 What is the minimum amount of money per year that a single person needs to live an
acceptable life in Great Britain? (2 points)

5 The three possible answers are: A: £11,200 B: £13,400 C: £15,600 (3 points)

6 (A number of groups of) ordinary people took part in the survey. (1 point)

7 To find out what minimum (money) we need to live on / for the basics and also to participate
in social life. (2 points)

8 Mobile phones, TV and DVD player, access to the Internet, (having) a holiday. (4 points)

9 Mobile phones, TV and DVD player and having a holiday are essential/necessary, however,
access to the Internet at home is not essential/necessary. (2 points)







G) BUDGET (adj)




“Tell me about yourself” Interview Samples

E heti blogunkban a névelők használatát gyakorolhatod. A szövegek egyben mintaválaszok is a vizsgákon, állásinterjúkon egyaránt sokszor elhangzó kérésre: Mesélj magadról!
A feladat Gyenge középhaladó – Középhaladó szintnek felel meg és a végén megtalálható a megoldókulcs.

Read the text and fill in the gaps with the correct article: A, AN, THE or - (no article).

Interviewer: So, tell me about yourself.

Model 1: Activity-geared answer

Well, just to start off generally, I’m (1) ___ senior at (2) ___ Somewhere High School, and in addition to academics, throughout (3) ___ high school I was really involved in three (or two) activities that I really enjoy and spend (4) ___ lot of time on. First, I am really involved in (5) ___ music. I played (6) ___ tuba in our high school band, and by senior year, now I’m drum major. Second, I’m really active with (7) ___ local politics. I interned for our state’s senator whose offices are located in my city, and I learned so much researching (8) ___ issues for (9) ___ campaign. Also, I’m (10) ___ avid soccer player. I’ve been playing since I was five, and I was really excited when I was voted (11) ___ team captain of our club team last year.

Model 2: Personal traits answer

Sure. Well, I’m now (12) ___ senior at (13) ___ Somewhere High School. I’m (14) ___ really energetic person who’s (15) ___ real self-starter. What I mean by self-starter is that in (16) ___ past couple of years I’ve loved being independent and taking on (17) ___ new projects and developing my fresh ideas. For example, (18) ___ last year I started (19) ___ Internet-based company that sells (20) ___ cookie recipes and (21) ___ site has increased in (22) ___ traffic by 20% since three months ago. But, sometimes I’m also more introverted too, and enjoy just (23) ___ reading and writing, and painting as well.

Model 3: Background information answer

I just started my senior year at (24) ___ Somewhere High School. Actually though, I wasn’t always in (25) ___ standard schools. When I was younger, my mom was in (26) ___ military so I spent most of my childhood on (27) ___ military bases going to school with other military kids. It was (28) ___ really interesting way to grow up because we were moving around (29) ___ lot, so it was (30) ___ really new and exciting for me to start (31) ___ school at sort of (32) ___ standard, American high school. My mom was actually inspired to join (33) ___ military because of her father, who was (34) ___ general. And, by seeing my mom work in so many different countries, she’s really inspired me in what I want to study in (35) ___ college too.

További ötleteket itt találhatsz.


1.    A
2.    –
3.    –
4.    A
5.    –
6.    THE
7.    –
8.    –
9.    THE
10.    AN
11.    –
12.    A
13.    –
14.    A
15.    A
16.    THE
17.    –
18.    –
19.    AN
20.    –
21.    THE
22.    –
23.    –
24.    –
25.    –
26.    THE
27.    –
28.    A
29.    A
30.    –
31.    –
32.    A
33.    THE
34.    A
35.    –

2. oldal / 2

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